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Historic Rock-Cut Cellars with beertour (also ideal for groups)


Day 1: Individual arrival, in the evening tour with the Nuremberg night watchman, alternative city tour

Day 2: Breakfast from the buffet, in the afternoon guided tour through the rocky passages and a brewery tour with beer tasting 2x home-brewed beer, original hearty Franconian snack with crusty bread, schnapps tasting with Bockbeerbrandy

3rd day: Breakfast from the buffet, individual journey home

Arrival of your choice. Ideal for clubs or associations.


€ 341,00 per double room

€ 213,00 in a single room

Extra night from: € 129 in a double room and € 89 in a single room

This package offer cannot be booked during trade fairs and events.

Guided tours for the rock corridors with beer temptation do not take place on Sunday.


Hotel in the heart of Nuremberg

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